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“She’s relatable and easy to talk to. She sees me so clearly and never passes judgement. But she’s not afraid to challenge me…to push me to see myself.”
  • Overall psychological growth

  • Insight-oriented self-exploration to better understand oneself and grow as an individual

  • Focus on patterns in relationships and connections with others

  • Dynamic understanding of families who have children with special needs

Adults  |  Teens  |  Children  |  Families

Support In A Safe Place

You never know when you or someone you care about will need to ask for help. But if that time comes – when life feels unclear, shaky, or even out of control – talking to a therapist who has professional training can help. Working with a therapist helps make connections to bridge the divide between the “here and now” and the past, and in doing so, helps alleviate the very real pain and distress you or a loved one is feeling.


Seeking help from a mental health professional is not an easy step, but it’s an important one. Gaining clarity and understanding about oneself along with receiving acceptance, validation, and support are necessary for healing. Getting this help also has a positive impact on relationships with family, friends and colleagues in the workplace.

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