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Treatment Approach

In her work with patients Wendy applies principles of Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic theory and practice to look closely at the deeper meaning associated with the feelings and emotions her patients are experiencing.

The Family-Relationship Lens

Whether working with an individual, couple, or an entire family, Wendy emphasizes the importance of exploring family relationships and family patterns. Even when patients seek help during a crisis, the family background nearly always has a bearing on treatment, and understanding this background helps Wendy most effectively provide care. In addition, when patients come to see how their family patterns play out in current relationships – with peers, significant others, and their own children, siblings, and parents – they gain a tool for long term emotional health.

“Today, we are lucky to have so many therapeutic tools to build and repair vital relationships.”
                        Wendy Smith

Working With Children And Adolescents

When seeking help from a mental health professional for your child or adolescent, you may feel scared, overwhelmed, and vulnerable. Wendy understands this, so she takes the time to establish a rapport and trusting relationship with her patients’ parents. Only from this perspective of empathy can Wendy deliver proper care, support, and assist patients in addressing the presenting problem.

Collaborating With Likeminded Professionals

Wendy frequently consults with other mental health professionals about her cases, always respectful of patient privacy and confidentiality. In addition, for complex cases, including circumstances when family members or couples require different therapists, Wendy is well-networked to facilitate referrals to trusted colleagues.


She also works closely with psychiatrists (MDs) when prescription medication and or psychiatric care may be required.

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